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Frequently Asked Questions


How does this compare to a tunnel car wash?

Honestly, they cannot even be compared. A Meticulous Detail provides the highest level of cleaning which does not scratch or mar the paint. Meticulous also uses the most elite products on the market. The Meticulous approach takes considerably more time to clean, ensuring we do not induce any damage to the surfaces.

What are the main differences between the Refresh and Restore?

The restore is a deeper clean and offers more protection against the sun, uv rays, road debris,  natural elements as well as more chemical resistance. It last 6-12 months where the protection on the refresh options last 4-6 weeks. 

What is Snow Foam?

The function of snow foam is to encapsulate any top level grime/dirt on the paints surface and break it loose. Snow foams can come in various PH levels of intensity. We let it sit on the paint for about 5 minutes before rinsing. We then repeat with more snow foam and start detailing trim pieces while the snow foam dwells on the surface. Snow foam is critical to not scratch or mar the car’s paint.

What is Spray Sealant?

We finish every detail with some sort of spray sealant, wax, or ceramic coating. It is essential to protect your cars paint from the natural elements as well as add gloss and a slick finish. You can upgrade to a professional grade spray sealant on the refresh package that offers more durability and last 3-6 months. 

What is a Premium Handwash?

A premium handwash uses 2 different mitts and 6 soft sponges. We work in thirds, from top to bottom, to ensure we don’t take heavily contaminated areas into lighter areas. We rinse the mitt in a clean solution, then re-soap and go again. Sometimes we wash with an extra layer of snow foam to let the mitt glide more evenly and without friction. The use of multiple mitts and sponges avoids cross contamination. 

Why don’t you offer a clay bar service?

When you clay to smooth the paint and remove tiny imperfections, you are creating small scratches in the paint. However, on some cars these scratches can only be seen under certain light. Meticulous detail is able to achieve a very clean service for bonding with waxes and sealants based on the way we wash and prep the car. 

We do clay the car before our Paint Polishing Packages since we are doing a full paint correction. 


Is the Interior Restore the same as the Interior Reset?

The process, products, and quality control measures are very similar but the outcomes are different. The Interior Reset uses a few additional products & a few more precise tools like steam, compressed air, Q-tips, cotton balls, dental tools, etc. The Interior Reset also gets shampoo and hot water extraction for carpets and mats. There is more time and effort associated with the Interior Reset. 

Is the trunk or rear hatch included?

If you want the rear hatch done meticulously, I can do that area for an upcharge.  Otherwise, I will give it a vacuum and focus the rest of my time and effort on the interior.

How often do I need the Interior Reset?

Once a year at minimum. Twice a year if you, your family, and your dog are always in your car.

What is a Meticulous Vacuum?

A Meticulous Vacuum uses a multi-tiered approach to get everything you can see and cant see out of your carpets and mats. High pressured air is first. Then the first vacuum. Next, a carpet brush distracting the fibers of the carpets 4 different directions to lift dirt and sediment to the surface. Vacuum again. Then a high RPM massage gun with a fine nozzle tip to lift even finer particles in cracks and crevices with a simultaneous vacuum. The final vacuum comes after we have detailed the whole car, as one last fresh up, before you see the final results. 

Will I be happy with the Refresh or Restore?

Absolutely. Although they offer fewer services, they are done impeccably well at the price point given. You will be able to see and palpably feel a major change inside your car’s space. 

What is the benefit of carpet & mat extraction and is it essential?

It is absolutely essential to achieve a finish that makes you feel calm, relaxed, and reset. Dirt, grime, dander, allergens, small bugs, and microscopic dust all settle into your carpets. In order to breathe better, we must lift it all out. It also removes any stains and restores all the factory color to the mats.